Viking Masek Global Packaging Technologies

Vertical, Form, Fill, Seal Machinery for Dry and Liquid Products, Pillow,
Gusset, Stand Up Pouch and Stick Packs

VFFS packaging machine maintenance - How to set up film registration & train photo eye sensor Packaging machine walkthrough: Medical test kit packaging system with robotics Packaging machine walkthrough: Cannabis prerolls packaging system Packaging machine walkthrough: Airless fill VFFS Liquid Sigma Packaging machine walkthrough: Stick pack machine ST1200

Viking Masek Global Packaging Technologies manufactures, sells, and services vertical form, fill, and seal packaging machines (VFFS) for the packaging industry. Global markets include food and beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, and hardware, among others. Viking offers high-speed, continuous motion vertical baggers, stick pack and sachet packaging machines, and many other vertical baggers that make a variety of bag styles – from pillow bags to tetrahedron and everything in between. Look to Viking Masek for custom packaging technology and engineering, and full-line packaging system integration with combinations weighers; in-feed and out-feed conveyors/feeders; auger, volumetric, and liquid fillers; metal detectors and checkweighers; cartoners, case-packers, and more.

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