Tablet and Liquid Filling Line Specialists for Pharma, Nutraceutical and Chemical Applications.

BellatRx is an expert in reducing waste and improving sustainability for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, healthcare, and personal care packaging operations.

Packaging Cell

Reduce waste and optimize packaging operations with BellatRx Packaging Cells. Designed for small production runs and stability batches, Packaging Cells are ideal for environments where more time was previously spent changing over the equipment than actually running it.

These cells are built to packaging operation requirements with as few machines as liquid filler or tablet/capsule counter, capper, labeller or a complete packaging line including induction cap sealer, an unscrambler, turntables and more. The smaller footprint of these systems means the whole packaging line takes up less space in your plant.

Tablet Counter and Inspection

Tablet count and fill systems capable of counting product in manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes of operation, and verifying product count.

Liquid Fillers

  • Accurate and repeatable fills
  • Servo control technology
  • In-turret labeling
  • Weight compensation capability
  • Touch screen simplicity
  • Fully integrated liquid filling systems
  • Retrofitting for changing applications


Automatic capping machines to apply and torque closures onto containers (large and small) at speeds up to 100bpm.

Desiccant Inserters

Automatic inline desiccant inserting machines which can be used as a semi automatic or manual machine, that insert desiccants into containers at speeds of up to 60 bpm.


Labeller for wrap around labeling applications.

Inspection Systems

Systems to inspect various packaging features such as cap, cotton, label or leaflet with a multitude of container sizes and closure types, in addition to a cylindrical product inspection system designed to accurately inspect cylindrical objects and identify faults in their make-up or packaging conclusively and consistently.

Tablet Recovery and Bottle Handling

Debottling and deblistering systems designed to save time and operational costs associated with separating products, desiccants and cotton, and removal of product from press-out aluminum backing blisterpacks.

BellatRx offers a wide range of conveyors, accumulation tables, feed and pack-off tables. Complete lengths of conveyors are available, or additional sections compatible with existing conveyors.

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