Horizontal Bagging, Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Wrapping Machines,
Automation Solutions.

Bagging Machines

Formost FFB Baggers and GTS Baggers are versatile, state-of-the-art machines designed for flexibility, efficiency, dependability, and safety. Engineered to meet the customer’s specific packaging needs, Formost baggers are adapted to bag textiles, paper products, meat and processed foods, bakery items and more.

Wrapping Machines

Horizontal form-fill-seal wrappers assure tight, neat packages at high-production speeds. Consistent package quality at high speeds, fast changeovers, and minimum downtime are proven advantages to this machinery.

Automated Feeding and Product Handling Systems for Baggers or Wrappers

Product preparation for bagging or wrapping at high speeds is critically important for any successful packaging operation. Formost specializes in designing custom systems for feeding a wide variety of products. From concept to system design technology, manufacturing, and implementation, Formost has proven its ability to solve unique packaging problems.

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